Mid-Year Meeting

2024 San Diego Mid Year Meeting

The 2024 Mid-Year meeting was hosted by the University of San Diego and Oregon State, in San Diego. The days consisted of networking with chapters nationwide, attending professional sessions, engaging in leadership activities, and listening to students present their Best Practices and Chapter Operations. Dominic and Graham presented in the Chapter Operations session with the topic of "Engaging Professional Development Activities for Member Retention." 

Pictured from left to right: Advisor Marla Meyer, VP of Mentorship Alyssa Welton, Faculty Advisor Richard Barnes, VP of Finance Graham Holtrop, VP of Reporting Dominic Bradley, President Molly Williams 

Presenting in "Chapter Operations" Session

"It was great getting to hear what each of the other chapters thrived at. We were able to learn so much about how they operate and what events they do with firms. All around it was an awesome learning experience for our advisors and executive team." - VP of Reporting, Dominic Bradley

Site Seeing in San Diego after the Conference

"Mid-year was a blast! I had the opportunity to journey to San Diego, where I gained valuable insights into risk assessment and learned about the alumni program for Beta Alpha Psi. Throughout the conference, we engaged in team-building exercises and had the privilege of networking with professionals from various chapters. Observing the best practices of other chapters was particularly enlightening and will hopefully contribute to enhancing our own WSU chapter. In summary, it was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend joining BAP if you ever get the chance to participate." - VP of Mentorship, Alyssa Welton

"I had the opportunity to attend the Beta Alpha Psi Mid-year meeting in San Diego, CA. We attended professional workshops, other Beta Alpha Psi chapter presentations, and presented about our chapter.  We all learned a great deal about how we can improve our chapter. Personally, it was also a great professional development opportunity to be able to present on our chapter operations. Finally, we enjoyed spending time with students from all around the country representing their chapters and getting to explore San Diego." - VP of Finance, Graham Holtrop

"This mid-year BAP meeting was an exceptional experience, highlighted by an insightful workshop on 'Imposter Syndrome' led by EY. During the workshop, I had the pleasure of conversing with the Louisiana State University (LSU) chapter president. Our discussion revealed shared experiences, and mindsets, offering meaningful insights into her leadership approach and the operational strategies of the LSU BAP Chapter." - President, Molly Williams