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We're so excited you're here! All students are welcome to attend our meetings, but if you want to be fully involved and become a member, here's how! 

Attending Meetings

Just interested in attending our meetings? Join our Email List here to get notifications about our weekly meetings and events! 

*You don't need to be a member or candidate to join our email list or attend our meetings. 

Becoming a Candidate

To become a candidate:

Becoming a Member 

Here are all the requirements you must complete while you are a candidate to become a full member. The following semester after completing these requirements, you will be officially initiated into the organization and be able to include BAP on your resume! 

Beta Alpha Psi Participation Requirements* 

*All following requirements must be completed within one semester

Academic Requirements

Remaining a Member in Good Standing

Here's how to stay involved each semester and remain a member in good standing with BAP!

*Members in good standing will be given an honors stole as part of their academic regalia to wear at graduation