View our upcoming events on the calendar below. 

Most weekly meetings will be in CUE 202, but please be aware that there are a few weeks that are different.

Please come dressed in business casual attire!

Weekly Meeting Dates and Locations

*Bolded dates contain a room change

January 10th 5-6pm: Cue 319

January 17th 5-6pm: Cue 319

January 24th 5-6pm: Cue 319

January 31st 5-6pm: CUE 202

February 7th 3-5pm: CUB Jr Ballroom - Meet the Firms

February 21st 5-6pm: CUE 202

February 28th 5-6pm: CUE 203 - Please dress in Business Professional.

March 6th 5-6pm: CUE 202

March 20th 5-6pm: CUE 202

March 27th 5-6pm: CUE 202

April 3rd 5-6pm: CUE 202

April 10th 5-6pm: CUE 203

April 17th 5-8pm: Location TBD - Spring Banquet