About BAP

Have You Asked These Questions Before?

  • Where will I work after I graduate?
  • Where can I meet fellow Cougs studying business?
  • How can I be involved in more activities as a student?
  • What internships can I find for WSU students?
  • Which firms are recruiting Washington State University accounting majors?

If you’ve asked these of yourself before, we’re glad to hear it! You’re the type of student we’re looking for.

Who, What, And Why Beta Alpha Psi?

We’re an honors organization full of accounting, finance, and MIS students. To tackle some of the challenges above, being a BAP member typically includes the following:

  • Interacting with accounting, finance and MIS professionals at weekly meetings.
  • Learning about careers and the firms that recruit at WSU.
  • Getting tips on the job search process:
    • When to interview for full time jobs / internships.
    •  What to expect in a campus / office interview.
    • How to write a resume, cover letter, thank you letter, dress for success, exhibit professional etiquette.
  • Meeting other students who make great friends, study partners, and connections
  • Participating in professional and service activities.

Plus, everything you’ll find from the advice of fellow students.

When Are Meetings & Who Can Join?

All accounting, finance and MIS majors from freshman to seniors are invited to come to our weekly meetings and any other events.

Becoming a member starts when you show up! Whether it is the beginning, middle or end of the semester we invite you to come and try out Beta Alpha Psi whenever you have time.

We also recommend you start receiving our weekly emails (by filling out the form below) – that way you know what we’re up to for that week!